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1. Code of Conduct 1

Edenbridge Mini Rugby Codes of Conduct

This is the set of principles and guidelines that set out what the coaching team will do and in turn what we expect in return in order to ensure that all players are provided with the maximum opportunity to play and develop

Players’ Code

1.Play for fun – Enjoy your rugby
2.Take training seriously – In order to play rugby safely you must develop the skills needed and know the laws of the game.
3.Always turn up for training and matches on time.
4.Always play within the laws of the game
5.Be attentive at all training and coaching sessions
6.Never argue with referees or match officials, their decision is final
7.Never show off or lose your temper
8.Aim to win but be prepared to lose with a grin – be a good sportsman
9.Acknowledge good play by both team mates and opposition players
10.Strive to improve your skills every time you play