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Code of Conduct

Coaches' Code

1.Lead by example
2.All rugby coaches must respect the rights, dignity and worth of every child and young person with whom they work and treat them equally.
3.All rugby coaches must place the physical and emotional wellbeing of all young players way above all other considerations, including the development of performance.
4.The relationship that a rugby coach develops with the players with whom they work must be based on mutual trust and respect.
5.Be organised – structure your season’s training programme and communicate at all times with players and parents.
6.Make you keep up with the continuum and its changes and communicate these changes to players
7.Ensure the players know the laws of the game.
8.Never abuse, criticise or ridicule children
9.Never overload players with demands and technicalities of play.
10.Play players at an appropriate level. Don’t put players in games where they are out of their depth skill wise.
11.Make allowances for players. Children mature at different rates both mentally and physically.
12.Encourage your players to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance. Teach players to aim to win but to lose with a grin. Always aim for players to enjoy the game and strive to improve their individual skills.
13.Never get involved in touchline arguments, or arguments with match officials especially in front of children
14.All rugby coaches should clarify with the young players (and their parents/carers) what is expected of them both on and off the rugby field and also what they are entitled to expect from the coach. Ensure players and parents behaviour is appropriate and in keeping with the expectations of the Club.
15.Never coach dangerous or foul play including ‘winning at all costs’.

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